What we do

An ongoing partnership

Who is Bounce Financial?

Who we work with:

  • Professional families who own their own home and want to build their dream lifestyle

  • Professionals preparing for retirement

What we do:

We work with you to develop a financial plan which addresses your investments, superannuation, insurance, tax and any other financial issues.

Our why:

To help our client's feel excited and empowered about their financial future.

Why Bounce Financial?

The people we help are normally struggling with these challenges. Can you relate?

  • Making good money, but not sure what you should be doing with it to get ahead
  • Trying to find the right balance between getting ahead whilst living a good lifestyle today
  • Struggling with information overload and too many options
  • A time poor professional looking to outsource to another professional

What does a financial plan look like?

As part of your financial plan, we will outline a path to achieve your goals. To achieve your goals, we will be using the tools of:

  • Automating your finances
  • Investing for your future
  • Setting up your superannuation
  • Helping you with property
  • Reducing your tax, and
  • Utilising insurance to protect your financial plan.

How do I know if I'm a good fit?

You earn good money and want to know how best to use it.
You’ve worked hard and have got yourself a good job. You are goals orientated and aspirational and want to set your family up with a financial plan which will let you live out your best life.
You take your lifestyle seriously
You are always focused on the future and are disciplined enough to achieve it, but you know that life needs to be lived today. You’re happy to delay the car upgrade for a couple of years or push back the renovations if this achieves your long term goals. On the other hand, you are giving up coffee and wine for no one.

When would I not be a good fit?

We aren't suited to everyone and that is ok. We are always happy to have a chat and point you in the right direction if we aren't a great fit.

We probably aren't compatible if:
You have a lot of consumer debt
Some credit cards or personal loans are ok but if you can’t see yourself ever being able to pull yourself out of the credit spiral, we will be able to refer you on to a financial counsellor who will be better placed to assist.
You are looking for the ‘trick’ to get rich
This isn’t the kind of advice that is going to play pump up music to a room full of people whilst yelling into a microphone about getting rich. This is proven investment strategies diligently executed over a long period of time.
You don’t give the ‘drivers thank you wave’ when someone lets you merge in front of them
It’s just good manners.

Where to from here?

Contact us to book in a no obligation, complimentary 1 hour Discovery Meeting to see if we are a good fit.
No Cost or Obligation
We aren’t a great fit for everyone, and we want to know exactly how we can help you before you pay us a single dollar.
Discovery Meeting
In this meeting, we will work with you to understand where you are at, what is coming up with your life and where you would like to be.
At the end of the meeting, you will come away with a clear understanding of what a customised financial plan would look like for you.