Ben Brett


Hi I’m Ben, Owner and Financial Planner at Bounce Financial. I started my career as a Lawyer helping large financial services companies navigate complex financial rules. Whilst I loved the work, I knew that I wanted to help people like me rather than big, giant companies.

Cara and I founded Bounce Financial to help people like us who were focused on their future but cared about their lifestyle today. Whilst retirement is an important part of any financial plan, we knew it wasn’t the only part. Each day I help my client’s work towards all of the goals in their life. This may be saving for renovations, taking great holidays, buying a bigger house or chasing financial freedom. Whatever the goal, I love helping light the path to get there.

Navigating the complexities of investments, superannuation, insurance and estate planning is a difficult task. But I love it, and most of all I love how once my client’s know I have that sorted for them, we can focus on the really exciting part of financial advice, how to live the dream life.

Pet: Audrey, the friendliest Golden Labrador in town

Favourite cuisine: Low and Slow BBQ

Favourite Coffee in Brisbane: Campos coffee is my go to

In my spare time you’ll find me: Exploring Brisbane’s booming craft brewery scene

Favourite holiday destination: Any place involving Snow or a Beach. If we could combine the two, I would never go anywhere else!


Bachelor of Laws
Diploma of Financial Planning
Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning
Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice

National Awards

2022 FS Power 50 Finalist
2020 Finalist IFA Excellence Awards

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