We get it, because we’re just like you.

You’re smart. You’ve built a career you are proud of, you earn good money and you want to get ahead. But you don’t want to do so at the expense of your lifestyle. After all, isn’t that the whole point?

At Bounce Financial, we help you take your big audacious goals and distil them down into a simple, easy to follow financial plan whilst preserving your lifestyle.

Maybe you want to renovate or buy a holiday home? Start investing or retire early? Pay less tax or start a business? Maybe you just want to take multiple epic international holidays each year?

Whatever your goals, Bounce is here to help you. We’re personal and we’re proactive. We’ll be with you every step of the way, using our proven expertise to get you the future you want.

Ben was generous with his time and attention, really listening to what we want to achieve and asking smart questions to help us flesh out those goals. He explained his advice clearly, was fast in answering our queries, and the personalised plan we received was very thorough. Working through the multiple scenarios he prepared for us was really valuable to see the longer term impact and timing of investments and strategies.

Andrea and Marc

When Covid hit, it halted the plans my husband and I had of taking some lengthy time off work and living abroad. We knew we needed to do something to plan for the future, so went and saw Ben at Bounce. I had previously had a pretty average experience with a different adviser, so wasn’t quite sure what we would get. Fast forward 8 months and I am so glad we went with Ben. He has been able to help lay out a plan that results in a significantly earlier retirement then we ever thought possible while balancing our current lifestyle for the years to come.

Kerryn and Nathan

Cara has made it really easy to discuss and plan a better financial future for us. She made the completion of paperwork extremely easy with being available to assist and meet us at our workplace at a time that works for us. Her clear and consistent communication and timely responses to any questions, made the whole process of financial review, a pleasure rather than it being daunting!

Lizelle and Paul


You’re different from everyone else, and that’s just how we’ll treat you.
Bounce Financial takes a two-step approach to preparing for your financial future.

STEP ONE: Develop the financial plan

In our initial meeting, we will get to know you. This means your goals, financial fears and plans for the future.

Once we are confident we understand what you want to achieve, we will put together your financial plan which will help you automate your finances, get your super sorted, make sure your insurance is up to scratch, and start investing to build wealth.

STEP TWO: It's time to get started

Once you’re comfortable with the financial plan, we put it all in place for you and help you to execute on it. Each quarter, we check in with you with a detailed report on how you are tracking.

Each year we do a full review of how you are tracking and adjust the plan to suit your changing life. As things change, we’ll be there to evolve right alongside you. Financial freedom awaits!

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    Bounce Financial works with smart, professional families who want to enjoy the best life has to offer, but still have personal and financial goals.


    For people between the ages of 30 to 55, life gets complex quickly. Juggling having children, maternity leave, private school costs, home upgrades and investing for the future quickly makes for a complex financial plan.

    Fortunately, we have a way of making the complex into the simple. By understanding your goals and lifestyle, we help formulate a financial plan which is uniquely suited to you.


    For people aged 55+, retirement quickly becomes your number one priority. Each year is a great opportunity to build on your nest egg and prepare for the next stage of your life, but where do you start?

    At Bounce Financial, we help you navigate your final years of working to prepare for retirement. We help you navigate the complex tax, superannuation and other strategies which will help ensure you have a retirement to envy.

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