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Well hello spring! It’s nice to see you!

Winter wasn’t too bad this year, but I am still glad it is over. I am a summer person, so the end of winter always puts a little skip into my step, and it also means that my birthday is just around the corner. You may have picked up from previous posts, this year is the big 3.0! Serious stuff around these parts.

I’m actually pretty happy about it to be honest, and the closer I get to it, the more willing I am to embrace it.

This year is quite the monumental year for me, so to top it off with a milestone just adds to the excitement.

Given that I am feeling quite reflective at the moment, I thought I would share with you why it is I do what I do as a financial adviser. 

I have been in financial services for over 10 years now in a variety of capacities. I am lucky enough to have a very well rounded view of the finance world with the different companies and amazing people that I have worked for.

I fell into the financial advice side of things really, in a contract role with the idea that I would go travelling. It was a maternity leave contract and as far as I was concerned I was well and truly leaving at the end of 9 months. As time went on however, I started to take note of what was going on around me. Firstly, everyone seemed to love their job (novel idea), and as I learned more about what it was we did, I started to really appreciate the products and services that we offered. Back then I was working for a life insurance company with probably the best group of people I have ever worked with.

Over time, I moved through jobs, taking on a business development role with a fund manager and then working in an insurance technical capacity, as well as a financial adviser. The extended travel never did happen, but I don’t regret it at all.

I completed my RG146 (the minimum requirements to be a financial adviser) back when I was working for the insurance company. I started to realise however that if I wanted to stay in this industry that I had grown so fond of, I needed to increase my education. Whilst it is not yet mandatory to have a degree in financial services, the writing is on the wall and I have too long left in this industry, so I started my degree.

Because I am a bit crazy, I worked full time, studied full time, and planned a wedding all at the same time. Luckily for me I am pretty good at managing my time, but I can tell you, it was tiring. I finished my degree (with distinction if I do say so myself!) a couple of years ago and I am so glad I did. Everything I learned was put into practise while I was working and still to this day comes in handy on a daily basis.

Over my time working and studying, I noticed that financial advice is really advertised and aimed towards ‘older people with money.’ There are some great financial planning firms out there, but I can’t think of many in Brisbane that specifically want to work with younger professionals and families to build wealth over time.

I realised that the strategies my husband and I put in place for ourselves worked so well for us. We love our lifestyle and don’t feel like we have to go without, but we are also building our wealth so that our life can continue to be everything we want it to be and more.

When we look around, we realised that there are not many others doing what we are doing, and even if they wanted to, there are not many financial planning firms out there helping you to do it. I honestly love financial planning. Everyone’s situation and lifestyle is different, and I love coming up with a unique strategy for each client to make sure that their money is working for them, as well as making sure that their lifestyle doesn’t suffer.

That is the reason that we started Bounce Financial. We are here to help anyone who wants advice regardless of age, but it is the young professionals and the young families that I am passionate about. If I can work with people early (even if it seems like they have nothing to work with), I know that I can ensure that they have the lifestyle that they want over the long term. Isn’t that what it is all about?

So there you have it, that’s why I’m a financial adviser, and that’s why I started my own business. As I go into my 30’s I am satisfied with where I am and what I am doing and hopefully I am lucky enough to do this for a very long time.

The post is from our resident financial planner, Cara Brett. Check our her details on the About Us page.

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About the author: Cara Brett

Cara Brett proudly heads up Bounce Financial - founded in 2014 after a successful, decade-long career in the financial services industry. Cara’s experience encompasses both the financial product and financial advice sides. This gives her a comprehensive and holistic knowledge of all facets of financial planning.