2017 Round Up

I’ve come to realise that the older I get, the quicker the years go. This year marks Bounce entering the 4th year (WHATTT??!!??) of business and also hiring Jenny, our office manager and life saver extraordinaire.

We ran a whole heap of workshops on money management, we presented for high schools and different companies and we worked with a lot of awesome people.

On a personal level, we kicked a few goals too. Last year in my newsletter to my clients I publicly declared a few personal goals which I’m pleased to say I have achieved.

That’s not the say that this year was without hiccups. I don’t think anyone can get through a year without some hiccup along the way, it’s just how you handle them when you do.

I’ve met with a few people recently who have said ‘I’m ready to start adulting’, when referring to engaging us as their Financial Advisers.  It’s true, it’s quite the adult thing to do. Engaging a third party to help you implement a strategy for your life and make sure the numbers add up is pretty high up there. The thing about life is it doesn’t always go 100% to plan. Things change, goals change and hiccups happen.

Part of why we give advice is so that people can have epic lives, but the other part of it is preparing for the hiccups so that they don’t hurt so much when they do happen.

I’m looking forward to 2018, but I always look forward to a new year. I’m a goal setter and a new years resolution type person. The freshness of a new year gets me every time and it’s the perfect excuse to set some new goals if you ask me.

I may also be looking forward to 2018 because we are off to Canada and the US in January for a Snowboarding trip and I’m pretty excited. When building our business, we have had to forgo things for the growth of the business, which has meant that international holidays have been off the cards for a few years. As you probably know by now, we practice what we preach, and sometimes that means going without some of the fun stuff to do the adulting. The reward may be delayed, but well and truely earned, without debt and without guilt. 

If 2018 is the year you want to make stuff happen for yourself but you’ve always struggled in the past to get the finance part under control, give us a bell. We will share our enthusiasm for a fresh new year with you. 

For all clients and friends of Bounce, thanks for another great year. I feel incredibly lucky that I am able to work with the types of people that I like, doing something that I LOVE to do, and making a difference as much as I can.

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About the author: Cara Brett

Cara Brett proudly heads up Bounce Financial - founded in 2014 after a successful, decade-long career in the financial services industry. Cara’s experience encompasses both the financial product and financial advice sides. This gives her a comprehensive and holistic knowledge of all facets of financial planning.